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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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Saturday, 24 December 2011 22:00

By Zulaiqah

It all started with an annoyance over the fact that there isn’t any place that caters  specifically for Muslim women, either to exercise or swim. Of course there is a swimsuit for Muslim ladies, that covers every inch of their body but the moment they step out of the pool, the suit, which was supposed to offer modesty, had  turned into a very provocative outfit, especially when it clings to every part of the body. For some ladies, like the writer, feels like a beached whale wearing those hideous suits and chose not to swim instead. Malaysia is supposed to be (operative word ‘suppose’) an Islamic country but yet we do not have clubs or even public facilities, like the swimming pool, that is ‘Muslim women’ friendly. Most public pools have woman sessions but the pool is often located in an open space where the pool next to it is full of men and the lifeguard is a man. In United Kingdom, women sessions literally means ONLY women, from the lifeguard to the administrator of the pool are women and United Kingdom is not even an Islamic country. Ironic isn’t it?

Therefore, when two friends, equally disgruntled, sat down to exchange woes, a dream was envisioned. The dream then became a goal and a few months later, the goal became a reality. Nadi Annissa was born.

Nadi Annissa, short for Nadi Annissa Muslim Women Organisation is a non-governmental and a non-political organization. Nadi Annissa in Arabic means ‘women’s club’. The founders of this organization are sister Rozana Zeti Basir and sister Norhafsah Hamid.

Situated at No.2, Jalan 20/6, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, the primary aim of the ‘club’ is to provide an Islamic environment for Muslim ladies/girls to exercise and in line with Syariah principles.

The Club also hopes to disseminate knowledge of Islam and Syariah especially relating women, to its members and general public. For those who are in need of Syariah advice or counseling, the club offers free advice and counseling.

Nadi Annissa houses a swimming pool, a mini gym and a mini library.

For mothers with kids, the Club has a kids’ corner for them to ‘chill’ until mummy is done.

The Club has Quranic classes, Arabic classes, Quran tutoring, Self-Defense, Class for New Muslimah, cooking and sewing. Other fitness programmes that the  Club offers are Jazzercise and Zhumba.

Nadi Annissa would also want to encourage the Muslim ladies to participates in other activities in a more Islamic environment, hence, the Club offers facial, massage, hair styling services for its members.

All in all, Nadi Annissa is a cosy place to just hang out and let down your hair (literally!) for Muslim ladies and girls. It is open from Monday to Friday from 10.00am -6.00pm and Saturday from 10.00am 0 4.00pm. It closes during the day on Wednesdays but open from 6.00pm 9.00pm for night swimming session. In its effort to give something back to the society for the support given, Nadi Annissa is inviting all Muslim ladies to come and swim and use the gym for free for the whole month of January. For enquiries, please call 03-79601714.

You can also visit our facebook fanpage at
* The opening ceremony of Nadi Annissa was held on last Dec 18 attended by among other 12 representatives from Malaysian Hijabbers Community (MHC) - KritisOnline

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