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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stupid TMI is as Stupid Does!

I've wrote on my top page and every time people click to my blog, they simply can read this :-

"I'm no smarter than a 6th grader!"

Well, I always think that I'm a bit dumbo but fortunate to me that The Malaysian Insider even dumberer. 

Last evening, they have quoted story from Agenda and  made their very own version regarding Tony Fernandes' AirAsia-Mas swap thingy!

In KritisOnline, it was clearly stated that all Tony wanted is people or anybody who wants a crystal clear story of him or AirAsia-Mas collaboration to engage him personally... to ask and hear from him everything that you wish to know (including story about Kalimullah, KJ, Ananda Krisna etc etc).

Though I must admit that Agenda has been a bit careless in their Q & A article by dumping or loading everything in one piece hence no effort to do it in a constructive way as oppose to what has Tony presented (oh yes, I was there too in the said interview) but the dumberer Malaysian Insider simply picked it up and smashing and portraying Tony like he is eventually an ass-licker that will lick any present Prime Minister just to fill his greed!

Oh no... that was not the case! What actually Tony was trying to say that he is a genuine businessman that 'have to lobby any politicians...' be it Mahathir, Pak Lah, KJ or whoever you name it... (and yes, that's where the problem arose) for the very best interest of his business. And that, should the way to be successful.

I quote Tony :-

"He (Mahathir) said... 'If you do a good job you should take over MAS domestic'... and it was 10 years ago... 10 years ago!"

"He (Mahathir) further said... 'I love your (Tony) passion, even though you don't know anything about the business (airlines)'. He (Mahathir) (further) said 'you will succeed, because you are so passionate and you are not from the airlines industry but you think differently'... and he (Mahathir) gave his blessing (to do a low-cost-budget-flying-business)."

p/s : MP Arau, Ismail Kasim must have not read the Forbes' -  who was named as the Forbe Asia's Businessman for year 2010? A chief executive officer from the music industry? A chef from hell's kitchen? Maybe, Tun Dr. Mahathir has the answer in his latest posting! By the way, I never saw Ismail's photo in the Forbes.


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