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Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Tony Fernandes; Don't criticize first, come and meet us and hear our story! PDF Print E-mail
Written by GreenHood   
Wednesday, 05 October 2011 02:22

By: GreenHood

All that Tan Sri Anthony Francis Fernandes wanted is “time” for AirAsia and MAS to prove to the people of Malaysia that the “collaboration” is for the betterment not only for Malaysian companies, but for the people themselves.

The most enlightening story in the couple of months ago (beside SC-Sime Darby-E&O) was the “swap of share” between Khazanah and AirAsia. Ever since, MAS and AirAsia have been whacked from every angle be it politicians, media, newsportal, bloggers and not to mention the people at large. Tony, on the other hand has his own view on this.

Rebutting Rafizi Ramli of PKR’s Chief Strategic cum CEO of The Office of Selangor Economic Advisor (MAS-Air Asia Share Swap Deal which was even reported by The Malaysia Insider on 23/08/2011), Tony said first, he was not part of the Economic Transformation Plan (ETP) and that was for sure. But somehow he has bigger view on this.

I don’t think you can put AirAsia and MAS as a completed economic transformation programme (ETP) because you can’t transform the economy in 2 years. However, it is not a complete failure either… as this`is only a part of the process to harness the strength of the Malaysian companies and ‘together’ we are quite strong and I’m sure Singapore (SIA) is quite nervous (on the collaboration of AirAsia-MAS). SIA is quite good because they prey on our weakness. Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia… all are (generally) weak (country based) airlines”.

Tony further explained about the ‘collaboration’.

I think the idea of the collaboration (AirAsia-MAS)… umm, you see we live in a global world. In the airlines business, AirAsia, AirAsia X and MAS are competing against SIA (as an example)… this is affectively one airline. SIA owns Tiger Air... (now) they (even) starting a low-cost-carrier called ‘the scoot’ (Singapore Airlines to launch new low-cost carrier | Singapore)... their also owned air.

(some more) we (are) competing against Emirates... and Qatar. Qantas. And also Dragon Air, Cathay Pacific… (all basically is owned by China (Air)). They all (come) in one group (in their own countries). So, we are competing against big big groups, right? This is all one kind of company. Our philosophy in this collaboration (AirAsia-MAS) was ‘why don’t we work together?’ as oppose to ‘fight with each other… and weaken us’?

On issues that this ‘collaboration’ might result in retrenchment of workers especially in MAS, which were highlighted by some bloggers like BigDog, Another Brick (in the Wall) or even Outsyed (the Box), Tony simply said… “Bigdog always hates me” and he laughed. “But I know this one great blogger, Tun M (Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, former Malaysia Prime Minister) and I got to know he’s supporting the plan recently (SUPPORTING MH/AK – - Che Det)". Tony even praised Tun M as the first person who gave the opportunity to him in the airlines industry to become who he is now.

Tony further said this: -

By working together we can build a stronger airlines industry, which mean more jobs... which is to me the most important thing. AirAsia has created 9,000 jobs directly. Indirectly hundreds of jobs… thousands and thousands of jobs… in tourism… in engineering… you know all the support services. If we fight each other and kill each other (because ultimately that what will happen if no collaboration takes place), in MAS case (in fighting AirAsia as an example), every time MAS needed cash, who do they go to? (Definitely) the taxpayers, right? Ultimately (in this case) through Khazanah lah… right?

If we stop (from) going to the taxpayers anymore (in this case) by this ‘collaboration’ should AirAsia (becomes) successful… as oppose to tax coming in, in return we (AirAsia) pay tax back to the country… which is better for the people of Malaysia (in a sense, because) if there is more corporate tax, there (will be) less personal tax.

Tony Fernandes is a man of a bigger vision but with a sense of practicality. He may not be a man with the most conventional ways but he sees the world in many different ways. He opens himself to everybody but his critics see this in vain, never try to grab the opportunities to really meet and talk to him. Among all the politicians, only few met and engaged him personally including Tony Phua of DAP.

I also feel people who criticize, should come and meet us and talk to us. We are open! You cannot be informed… if you’re not informed. At least get two sides of the story. I think people who criticize us, or criticize this deal (the swap and the collaboration) should take time to understand this deal and stop looking at… or fighting each other and see what good (the deal) for the country.

Little-bird, big-bird, small-bird… whatever birds… AK47, BigDog, BigCat, small-cat… Rafizi, Wee Choo Keong... whoever. Don’t worry, we don’t hold grudge. Come and meet us, and talk to us!”, Tony dared!

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