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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Archive #94 - The State Of Emergenchinese!

GreenHood's Column
Article by: Salah-Addin

"The State Of Emergenchinese!"

The declaration of Kit Siang taking on Gelang Patah is getting worse. His challenge upon Soi Lek a few weeks before has revived the Chinese clan wars since the days of Gee Hin against Hai San. Both DAP and MCA are taking their battle from professional debate to lowly guttered politics. With the vulgar-mouthed Dr. Hew at Kit Siang side things are not looking very good at all.

The Malays of Johore has taken notice of Kit Siang so-called bravery to penetrate one of their strongest base. Kit Siang then proceed to issue another challenge to Tun Mahathir to contest against him in Gelang Patah. Further causing the Chauvinistic Chinese man to push his luck in stirring the hornet nest.

Things are not looking too good with the Chinese community in Johore. With every Johorean Malays now eyeing any Chinese as DAP supporters, situation are getting racial by each day. Kit Siang and the DAPs are to hold responsible about this issue. The Johorean Malays which are dominated by UMNO has been rumoured to place caretaker Menteri Besar, Abdul Ghani to take on Kit Siang in Gelang Patah. This is certainly not a good sign for the nation.

Although politically it may sound normal, but do take note of our nation's most crucial feature; multi-racial. Kit Siang is pushing the normalcy by gathering as many supporters from the Chinese community and pushing away the Malays. In the end, what we have at one end are the Chinese and the other end are the Malays.

It will be our nation most worried nightmare. It will be the Chinese against the Malays.

Every possible outcome from this rivalry will not have a good ending.

Adding to the pain is the emergence of an individual who called himself the 'Superman', Dr. Hew Kuan Yau. This vulgar preacher has been using profanity, vulgarities especially in Cantonese in his speeches. He is known to abuse the PM, his wife and few other UMNO leaders. Needed to be highlighted here that the ones he abuses are the Malays. Majority of the Malays might not understand whatever he is saying but soon, translations will be made and the social media will play a major part to promote it.

His favourite profanities like "so hai" (stupid cunt), "ham kah chan" (death to whole family) and others if understood by the Malays will cause an uproar. Kit Siang champion has become a racial outbreak time bomb. Also, this Superman has become enough of an example for the Chinese youth to mimic and to absorb his hatred towards the Malays. Although he might not refer to the Malays directly but our PM is still a Malay and soon the connection will be made.

The future of Malaysia seems not to be hospitability at all.

MCA at one hand are trying their best to diffuse this by exposing Dr. Hew hate speeches. They have been known to produce a very good YouTube clip promoting the Chinese community not to be influenced. The YouTube clip which shown the bleak future of Chinese youth whom are influenced by Dr. Hew will certainly catch the attention of most mild-mannered Chinese especially parents. This effort by the MCA also affected the Malays not to throw in their judgement to all Chinese indifferently. Hopefully, this one Kit Siang champion will be removed from the political landscape for a better future of Malaysia. And certainly, Kit Siang should stop stirring the hornet nest. You will never know when the hornet will get angry enough to sting you back.

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