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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Archive #93 - It's A Chinese Eat Chinese Nation!

GreenHood's Column
Written by Salah-Addin

It is known to the public that Lim Kit Siang will be contested in Gelang Patah, Johor.  It was announced by the opposition leader himself, DS Anwar ibrahim on the 47th DAP Anniversary in Skudai last week.

The so called dispute between DAP Johor Heavyweight, Dr. Boo Cheng Hau and previously BN Minister DS Chua Jui Meng has been called to a stop when the Supreme Leader steps in.

It is a practice among the DAP members to switch parliament candidacy each and every election just to secure their seat. Lim Kit Siang has so far represented 6 parliaments in 4 states since 1969. Bandar Melaka (1969-1074), Kota Melaka (1974-1978), Petaling Jaya (1978-1982), Kota melaka (1982-1986), Tanjong (1986-1999) and Ipoh Timur (Since 2008). This alone showed his sincerity whether to represent the people or for the benefit of himself.

The point to be taken here is not of the various candidacy that Lim and his fellow DAP members has been practiced so far, but the oxymoronic action that this party has shown thus far.

As per reported by MalaysiaKini, Lim has openly challenge MCA President for a showdown in Gelang Patah , a demographically Chinese majority area. This is no surprise as many political analyst has concluded that Gelang Patah has already dominated by DAP. The highlight here that what Lim is trying to do is an act of a Chinese killing another Chinese.

Almost all of Lim speeches were to attack UMNO, crying to the sky that UMNO is bad to the bone and so on. In the end, Lim himself dare not to contest against a Malay. What is he trying to achieve? The Chinese community must realise that in the end the one that going to be hurt the most is not the Malays, but the Chinese themselves.

This action also betrays the belief of DAP being a multiracial party but it's action reflects it to be a Chinese dominated action party. Even the grass root members from the Indian ethnicity questions Lim whether he and his son has educate their Chinese member to respect and equally entertain people of all races.

The open challenge issued by Lim Kit Siang is another proof that DAP is not in fact do any good for the Chinese community in the long run. The act of Chinese killing Chinese must be put to a stop. If really Lim want to do good for the country and its people, first he must stop changing parliament candidacy and focus to deliver for the people in only one parliament. Second, Lim must contest in a Malay majority parliament to show that he represents the so called multiracial party that he claimed it to be. Thirdly, he must put to a stop of issue challenges to another Chinese. Ultimately, he will divide the Chinese community as what has been done by PAS and PKR for the Malay community.

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