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Friday, April 6, 2012


Please don’t buy what BN Government is trying to sell. 

Foreign investments such as LYNAS or any mega projects like east/north/south corridor-raya developments, 1MBD multi mega projects… the listing of FGVH and many more. You’re never going to solve unemployment with that!

You think it’s surreal and rhetoric?

Wait until you see the glorious BUKU JINGGA!

Allegedly, it offers solutions to curb unemployment but the fact is it creates more NGOs and it like everywhere.


With NGOs go berserk, you have created road protesters, rioters, mutineers, revolutionist, reformist… whatever you may call it - the list go on.

Now, the BUKU JINGGA solidifies people or so it claims. It’s the right answer for great employment issues and offers ‘creative’ ways to be GREAT LEADERS or POLITICIANS without being victimized by the court of laws. So, don’t worry!

Isn’t this Tempting?
Please grab this one life time great opportunity before GE13!!!

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