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Friday, March 11, 2011

as we laugh.. we also pity the writer!

I received a BBM (Blackberry messages) from one of my elder collegue around 10 a.m. Short and brief it stated as follow :-

"Medan Info balun Anuar Mohd Nor... Cian wa!

And there's a smiley face icon at the end of the short BBM. Hell yeah! Your guess was right. The BBM was from Anuar Mohd Nor himself. Without hesitate, I googled Medan Info and clicked the link... 

And there it goes... siapa blogger pro pkr hadir program saifuddin abdullah di nz garden malam tadi??? 

I was not doing my routine-check like usual by reading the article several times to understand what the writer's intention or what he/she's trying to say. I've done by reading it once and straight away dialling Anuar's mobile number.

Upon hearing my voice at the other end, both of Anuar and me laughed... Anuar asked me "Do you think the way I think right now?".

"Yeah bro! What a pathetic effort to linked you-PKR-Saifuddin in the  battle of pro-BN bloggers vs Saifuddin", I replied.

"Well bro, I do really hope you'll not jumpy in this silliness efforts by Medan Info" I further said.

Anuar sighed and said "I've got nothing to do with all of this nonsense, why should I?". 

The conversation ended.

(notes: please click the yellowish-words for further link/explaination/description etc etc)

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