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Monday, April 22, 2013


Column by: GreenHood
Article by: Salah-Addin

Malaysian political landscape are now being hit one of the strangest event come to life. It all started from 16th December 2012 when DAP held their Central Executive Committee (CEC) Election. It was a common knowledge that the DAP hoped that PRU-13 would be held before their party's expiration date occurs. But they had no choice as DS Najib kept pushing the GE13 up further the calendar.
Most curiously though, the DAP were known as witty, full of tricks and formidable opponent for Barisan Nasional. DAP is the true threat there is for the government. But, the CEC result-cum-scandal has baffled even the most senior political analyst. Nobody would actually know nor care whatever the real results might be. Even if the results did not favour them, it would eventually died off a few weeks later. But DAP somehow admitted openly that there were some technical glitches occur during the counting process. And they blame it on the computer system.
Analyzing on the basis of knowing that DAP is clever and witty, one simple conclusion came to mind. The DAP CEC fiasco are being staged and the show is still running until today and it would be over well after the GE13.
Simple enough to understand, most political analyst kept asking why in the world would DAP announced that there were some mistakes. A political move would be to hide the mistakes and presumed everything was fine. The announcement certainly would damaged the integrity and trustworthy of the party. The government loyalist accused DAP had manipulated the results because the pre-corrected results had no Malay representative. Certainly, DAP being well-known as Chinese dominated party would not care less about the accusation. Then came the idea that DAP itself is sincere enough to admit their mistake. But on every political motive, this action seems illogical.
Soon after the CEC, few members from the grass-root level started to voice out their disappointment about the corrective results. Tan Tuan Tat, ex-Selangor DAP Secretary question the integrity of the party and thus lodged a report to the ROS. Vellusamy of Pantai Sepang held a press conference in Selangor SUK office to complain about Selangor DAP leaders; Teresa Kok and Ronnie Liu being inefficient and corrupted. Here and there DAP grass-root members finally dare to go against the DAP leaders. This seem a bit too orchestrated to be honest.

It took quite a few weeks for ROS to respond to the complain. But during those weeks, DAP Supreme Leader, Lim Kit Siang hinted a few times that DAP would be de-registered by ROS, even before the investigation took place. This news had been drumming up in the media quite a few times. Often picked up by MalaysiaKini and other pro-opposition portal. Both Karpal Singh and Lim Guan Eng kept very much quiet during this time. Something certainly is not right somewhere.
This notion made by Kit Siang alerted their coalition party member, PAS that at a sudden being too happy to offer all future DAP candidates to contest under PAS flag. At this stage, Kit Siang plans started to make sense. All of these fiasco were a well developed plans by the Kit Siang and his son.
Today, ROS finally gave their verdict on the situation. They send a letter to Guan Eng stating only that ROS does not recognize the CEC line-up. That was their respond and nothing more. Then came the reaction by both Guan Eng, Kit Siang and a few more DAP leaders. They reacted as if DAP had already being de-registered, insisted that this is a foul action taken by UMNO using ROS to sabotage their party.  They played a sympathy game to attract more and more people to support them. But this is not their final play. There still an ace card waiting to be put on the table.
Guan Eng and Kit Siang again made a statement to the media that they might considering to contest for the coming election under PKR or PAS banner. PKR kept their silent a bit longer but PAS, being as foolish as they will ever be, responded that they will cater for DAP candidates if ROS de-registered them.
Is it not a bit too funny to see that the DAP leaders somehow insisting the ROS to de-register their party?
Meanwhile, UMNO veep, DS Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi appealed to the ROS not to de-register DAP, and thus letting them contest GE13. Maybe Zahid finally saw the trick that DAP tried to play. Strange enough if to be analyze, the BN wanted DAP to contest as DAP and DAP on the other hand wanted ROS to take action against them.
The trick is simple enough. DAP wanted to contest under PAS banner. They are not interested to contest under PKR banner due to no advantages provided. Under the PAS banner, DAP finally with get back the Malay support which had overturned to BN. By contesting using PAS banner would certainly gathered Malay support for their candidates. Chinese which had doubted PAS all these years would considering to vote PAS because Kit Siang and Guan Eng are contesting under PAS banner.
Finally, DAP will have access to Malay and PAS will have access to Chinese voters. DAP will have the votes from the Malays eventually and thus nullified any doubts lingered among Johorean Malay voters. Need to be understand why did Kit Siang chose Gelang Patah as his final resting place. If to be pictured in larger economic scale, one of Malaysian main profit came from the tax aquired from ships that harboured in ports along Malacca Straits. In the north, DAP controls the Penang Port, in central, there is Klang Port under PKR's control and in the south, Malaysia still have Tanjung Pelepas which is a direct competitor for Singaporean Port. Once Kit Siang won Gelang Patah seat, the opposition will control the entire Malacca Straits.
This is still not DAP final game play.
The final game of this CEC fiasco will lead well after the GE13. As predicted, DAP will retain most of their seats and may win many more parliamentary and state seats. Once the dust has settled, DAP leaders now have a direct influence in PAS. They will further more be in control and will demanded for more and more power based on their track record of GE13. Certainly this is an act of pure confidence that MCA and Gerakan may not defeated them in the coming GE13. Since 1969, DAP do not have the influence of the Malays and by using this strategy they will finally break the final wall that had held them in stasis for so long.
This is still not DAP final gameplay.
The political landscape of this country will certainly be changed forever. With PKR flailing down, PAS lost their grip on the Malays, DAP will come into full control. The concept that DAP are using is just the same as what Israel did for the whole world. A small country of Jews have direct influence over big and powerful countries such as England, United States and many more. DAP although small in size but their grip of influence carries much further than their physical size. Both PAS and PKR will become proxies for DAP and any decision announced by PKR or PAS is actually came from DAP.
DAP targets not GE13 but GE14. GE14 that will happen somewhere around 2018 will have a different player all together. Lim Kit Siang will expire by then, Anwar Ibrahim will fade away after losing this election, Nik Aziz will be a distant memory and all other power players in GE13 will not be there for GE14. This time around, the only senior player there will be left is only Lim Guan Eng. A new godfather will be born and certainly potential players like Rafizi Ramli, Nurul Izzah, Tony Pua and few others will be matured to finally challenge Najib's boys.
With power over both PAS and PKR, certainly DAP will be in control to choose the game to play. For GE14, the opposition targets only to get simple majority of parliamentary seats. Article 2 in the Federal Constitution stated about the conjoining of new district or nation which only requires only a simple majority vote from the Dewan Rakyat.  Who will then being approach to join the Federation of Malaysia. Certainly it will the Singapore. Note that this initiative has started well post GE12 in 2008. Most developments made by both Penang and Selangor are contributed by investment from Singaporean tycoons. The project of high-end housing development are being sold to Singaporean. The Datum projects that are being erected all over Selangor are being funded and sold to the Singaporeans.
Once Singapore has joined the Federation, they will bring with them a total of 88 parliamentary seats which in the end, DAP members will return back to their parent party, PAP. And thus, forever still, Malaysia will be conquered by Singapore by political move. BN by then will have a tougher time to penetrate those 88 seats brought over by Singapore. DAP-PAP will now enjoy not only simple majority but now they have the capacity of the 2/3 majority.
By then, what will happen to the Sultans of Malaysia, what will happen to the Malays, what will happen to Islam?
A question we need to think over just because of the DAP-CEC-ROS fiasco.

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