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Monday, May 14, 2012

TWO SAMDOLS that complaining lots… to Mr @NajibRazak

Stupid as stupid does.

Whoever claims as pro-BN writers, bloggers or cyber troopers work under the name of institution or even a street one must complete each other in facing ruthless enemy.

Thus, any lacking in strategy even when it comes to a simple task like to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ a video clip uploaded in youtube must be catered discreetly either by the army labelled under the name of institution or self-claimed as street ones.

Despite of doing whatever things they should do in the first place like to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ of the abovesaid… these samdols would rather blaming and complaining others when eventually this loophole meant inclusive those samdols’ weakness too.

Now, what proof can these samdols show that they have been doing well in cater the problems?


Well, can these samdols or jokers just shut their mouth up and do necessary things and stop the blame-game? or actually they’d rather get an attention when their services are serving no better?

To our honourable Mr Prime Minister...  you ‘re waaaaaay too smart to be dummied by these samdols… Waaaaaaay smarter to eat whatever they’ve thrown. 

That, I believe! 


  1. Tak faham apa citer nie sebenarnya.....r....earlirb i read blog papa gomo pun buat citer berkaitan ni jga....tpi tak faham juga...saya buka blogger ..tetapi sua ada perwira yang memperjangkan martabat bangsa dan neara dar huru har

  2. Syabassss bro...Sesuai dengan nama SINIS, komennya juga sinis kepada mereka yang memahaminya....Apa yg pasti, bekemungkinan "BLOGGERS OTAI" nie terasa tercabar dgn kebangkitan bloggers dan cybertroopers yang dihasilkan oleh UMB mampu mampu menyaingi mereka...

  3. betul tu. buat kerja sajalah. bodoh si gomo. elok panggil babygomo sebab perangai kebudak2an

  4. complete each other bro... mana yang kurang kita bantu vis versa. bukan tuduh sana sini. itu general rule nya.