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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dear Mr PM @NajibRazak : a losing battle it is!

The unfinished jokes and big-fat-lies from these Samdols must end immediately!

They were warned to concentrate hitting their cannons at the right targets i.e. the enemy’s field AND NOT THE ALLIES’!!!

Is it not clear enough that these were attempts by the Second Samdol to connect the Army Institution with one big-fella? A perception he wanted to create was quite clear – the Army Institution is under the command of one youth leader who had spent big money supporting the big-fella (a bistro eh?).

Nobody realizes that the Second Samdol is perfectly aware that for whatsoever reason, the big-fella will defend the Army Institution at all cost when under heavy attack.

To get this big-fella busy -- just put a slander on him.

Now, who will attack the Army Institution?

Immediately the Second Samdol’s article is linked to the First Samdol’s.

The duty of the First Samdol was just to create a perception – that, the Army Institution had failed in their line of duty.

Maybe it is best illustrated by the First Samdol that the Army Institution can’t even handle the mere clickings of ‘like or dislike’ on thevideo-clip uploaded in youtube. Yes! Just put ‘the blame on them’. And above all, tell the whole world that the Premier has been wasting money on the Army Institution for nothing.


Is the real-enemy laughing at BN’s cybertroopers?

No! The real-enemy will breathe a big sigh of relief.

Those who laughed at the both Samdols and the Institution Army may come from the same fleet but with different commanders.

Hey, BN has so many troopers and just not from this two camps -- who knows?!

After all, these Samdols were merely known as hit-men and never as idealist-strategists!


  1. jelak pulak nak ikut bloggers pro govt nie....tak habis nak bercakaran...duit punya pasal...hampeh..