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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shame on WHO? Mr @NajibRazak or @anwaribrahim ??

Shame on WHO? @NajibRazak or @anwaribrahim ??

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The 2012’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting had ended last January 29th.

Their official website illustrated the meeting as … “a cornucopia of intellectual fare with some 260 sessions on everything from the Secrets of the Universe to Fixing Capitalism, and a cast of the world’s intellectual, business, arts, cultural and social giants. [From 25-29 January] it has been a week of superlatives, the most participants, sessions, snow, media coverage… you name a record and we have broken it

Surprise! Surprise! Malaysia was recorded to be the 21st best in performance from 142 nations, improving from the previous position of 26th.

But that was not what daring me to write this. As much as we should be proud of what our country had achieved, there will always be people who diligently opposed to this kind of recognition - of course the opposition, headed by “Mr You Know Who” - goes without saying. The opposition has been blasting bombs and grenades over Malaysian’s ruling coalition, bombarding BN as incompetent, corruptive and even calling them SUCKS!

Little do they mind that Malaysia has performed extremely strong in certain fundamental areas such as education, infrastructure and government, ranking second in ASEAN after Singapore but definitely well ahead of other regional competitors.

Now there is one topic that infinitely stirs so much interest in politics – yes, corruption. From the beginning of Malaysian political history, opposition was spinning stories like nobody’s business. It is worth to note that Malaysia consistently sits in the same ranks of some major developed nations, although not necessarily ranked at the top of the game.

The rankings of Malaysia in certain areas of interest below carry merits to show how much our nation has developed: -

Wastefulness of government spending

Opposition says Malaysian government wastes money but the fact is, Malaysia scored 12th overall, 2nd in ASEAN behind Singapore, 29 places ahead of the UK, 54 places ahead of the US, 66 places ahead of Japan.

Irregular payments and bribes

There is no zero corruption country in this world but Malaysian being 43rd overall (only one place behind the USA and third in ASEAN behind Singapore and Brunei), shows that the government’s zero-tolerance approach to corruption has paid off, and still improving.  Compared to our Asian neighbour, Indonesia where you can pay somebody to sit in prison for you? Think yourself how much better Malaysia is.

Favouritism by government officials

Scored 24th overall, 2nd in ASEAN behind Singapore, well ahead of France, Spain, Italy, the USA, Ireland, Belgium and a host of other European nations. Opposition PKR, Anwar appointed wife and daughter to hold senior positionsres ipsa loquitur”… the fact speaks for itself.

Quality of the Educational system

14th overall, 2nd in ASEAN behind Singapore, ahead of US, UK and Germany. There are nearly 200 countries in this world with millions of children in other parts of the world grow illiterate. We are definitely luckier than them. Even we get better education than young people in America, Britain and Germany. Thanks to the Prime Minister, world-class education is free for the first time in Malaysian history.

Brain drain

Malaysia is at 19th overall, 2nd in ASEAN behind Singapore, ahead of Japan, India and Germany. In the past Malaysia has suffered from a ‘brain drain’, but action being taken by Prime Minister Najib is turning that around. New initiatives to retain our most talented people and attract back those who have left the country mean we are now better at holding on to skilled workers than the likes of Germany, Japan and India.

GDP per capita

Malaysia is at 60th overall, 3rd in ASEN behind Singapore and Brunei. Despite Anwar’s talking down Malaysian economy, blaming the government for it, on a per-capita basis the tiny states of Singapore and Brunei are the only ASEAN members with a higher GDP. That doesn’t sound like mismanagement to us.

The opposition in the past had cited WEF report to show how much Malaysian government was falling. Now that facts have reversed, showing positive outcomes for Malaysia, I am dying to see how the opposition would swirl the recent WEF reports and turn it around to their advantages.  

Well, overall can we now say “shame on you Mr Prime Minister” or is it Mr Anwar who should be ashamed of?

People are judging

Let us sit and watch Anwar’s new game plan. In the meantime, let us look back and treasure the moments of our nation’s achievements.

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  1. it is obvious that malaysian wants more. they also want to have a grip of glory greater than singapore. it is not that umno is too sucks (as most opposition supporters claimed), it is just it is not good enough. it's time for change. at least BN will improving themselves at greater rate afterwards.