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Monday, October 24, 2011


What so special about Aziz Bari?

There were many cases in Malaysia similar to his and most were brought to the house of justice for justification and rights. Further, more than half of the cases sided to the employees rather than the employers.

What so special about Aziz Bari that the students must made the sore-eyes demonstration in UIAM?

Could it be the same in the case of UNISEL? I doubt it.

After all, the involvement of some pathetic but smart politicians must have got something to do in it.

Well, I applaud the movement of those 'federal-opposition-politicians' in the UIAM-Aziz's case but pity the 'state-of-Selangor-opposition' when they should have done the same in the case of UNISEL, they didn't.

Maybe, they still think that they're in a comfort zone, which I hope that I was wrong!

Then, prove it!


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