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Friday, April 1, 2011

Anuar Reform - a "reasonable & prudent man test"

I feel pity for him. Lately, he was attacked by several bloggers, to name a few, Medan Info Kita, Selangor Daily and now The Unspinners. Not to forget, previously he had "quite a roar" with Sallehuddin of Another Brick In The Wall about "gay-minister-controversy" which he (Sallehuddin) tried to create a stir. But Anuar-Reform came to the rescue when he sensed a malice agenda.  UMNO generally can be badly implicated by such game. Bare in mind, 13th general election is just around the corner - and UMNO election will only come second.

Ironically, the names I mentioned above are all linked to UMNO hence, the "Pro-BN Bloggers".

What is the actual motive here by trying to create chains-of-accusation against Anuar-Reform? That is the true question need to be answered. Perhaps, in a very "direct-and-straight-to-the-point-form".

They must to put weight to their accusation  by giving a concrete and valid evidence or proof.

To all readers, I have to say this. When you apply the reasonable & prudent man test to the accused person, you too as the accuser needs to apply the same test "to yourself" or otherwise your motive will be questioned.

In my opinion, the accusation against Anuar-Reform is frivolous and vexatious. There is no "serious-threat-elements-to-national-nor-UMNO" and the accusation just likely to tarnish his name and reputation - that's all about.

p/s: oh ya... Kelab Chedet and Mohamad Norza Zakaria too were suddenly dragged into the game. Why? Wasn't it pathetic? 

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